Ricky Dale’s sixth book ‘THE HOUSE ON DUNDAS AND VINE’ sets for immediate release


This cracking and contentious novel is guaranteed to completely ‘chuck out’ all literary melodramatic norms and chooses to strikingly assault the tear ducts instead, and so’ read it and weep!’

The true story of flesh and blood beings laid to rest in the tobacco fields of Erie County or floating down the Niagara river. Extraordinary stuff for ordinary folks to do, in a rather ordinary way? 

.In this, his sixth book, novelist, poet and former singer, Ricky Dale, surpasses all mainstream stick-in-the- mud jotting by taking the anthology to where they’ haven’t been’a thousand times before. 

Whether you’re Mafiosi, a humble street  motorist, or the cherished daughter of a Vietnam vet; ‘The House On Dundas And Vine’ regardfully demands the pleasure of your company to grace its abstruse portals. The enchantment is woven in your favour and you can be sure to find an association among all of yourselves! 

Intrinsically ‘The House On Dundas And Vine’ contains stories within a story. Its chapters are a beautifully mesmerising account of a curiously potent and changing love that can not be quashed or risked. 

From day one its delights are entwined and bursting at the seams, ready to regale your sensations and captivate your heart. 


 Limberlost/ Limberlost The Legacy/ Limberlost The Prequal. 

This semi-autobiographical series takes the reader on a journey from snowbound northern Ontario to the heights of Manhattan across a 100 year period. 


A polemical and incredible insight into the fact- based narrative of lovers Dahlia Carriera and Sandra Comanescu, together with a rebranding of Cosa Nostra. 

I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock ’N’ Roll. 

Poltergeist meets The Sixth Sense? A ghost story with a difference- based upon real occurrences. 

These novels and ‘The House On Dundas And Vine’ are available from 

Amazon, Waterstones and other online booksellers. 

 Paragon Publishing